The Python interface diff tool.

pidiff is a testing tool to help enforce the usage of Semantic Versioning on your Python projects. It compares the public API provided by two versions of a pip-installable package and produces a report of any changes detected, failing if changes appear to violate SemVer.

This documentation was built from pidiff 1.7.0, revision 64c6a40.

Quick Start

Install the pidiff command from PyPI:

pip install pidiff

Then run the pidiff command against two versions of a Python package.

If using the command as part of your development workflow, a typical use-case would be to check the differences between the latest version of your package released to PyPI, and the current version in your local git checkout:

$ pidiff -r more-executors .
more_executors/ N450 RetryExecutor now accepts unlimited keyword arguments
more_executors/ B130 method removed: new_default
more_executors/ N220 function added: flat_bind

Major API changes were found; inappropriate for 1.15.0 => 1.16.0
New version should be equal or greater than 2.0.0

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